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Accion Integral

Page history last edited by Drew Chaney 8 years, 2 months ago


Accion Integral


An interesting component of Colombian and South / Latin American militaries, is the notion of integral action.

Basically my understanding of it derives from the mistrust amongst many of these nations owing to past leftist and rightist military coups and the role of the military in government.   On occassion the military has been the government, and for many nations the tool of continued civilian power.  The military has thus to convince it's now dubious population that it has a benefit to them. By establishing close relations with it's own local population it aims at garnering support for the civil power. They do this by providing critical support i.e. humanitarian and integral action to give the dissaffected the basic fundamentals in life i.e. security, food and warmth by providing support to these essential services.  So pretty much an internal civic action style of service provision aimed at it's own population garnering support for the govt institutions and to prevent the growth of de facto local government - be it drug cartels, marxist guerillas, arnarchist groups or just plain old gangs. Drug Cartels provide these essential services and employment but dissolve real power from centralised government. Large swaths of country become external to the central governments control and political ghegomony becomes an issue.  

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