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Yugoslav National Army Political Academy badges (lapel pins)


 JNA Political Academy. ARMY



 These badges were worn between 1947 and 1991




After WWII Yugoslav army (JNA) was organised along the SOVIET Force structure and Political Commissars where introduced to

ensure political indoctrination and morale amongst staff.  After 1953 Political Commissars where disbanded and their role taken

over by professional officers.  These Political Officers remained influential though, being referred to as the Commandant's Deputies for Morale & Education under State Defense - Direction for Political Education.


This Direction had two divisions - for ideology and political indoctrination and for culture and education, and independent offices for Army Propaganda in country and foreign countries and for political work in State Defense Secretary. This institution exists with minor name changes here and there until the 1990's, when the communist state fell apart and independant nations sought their own existence - Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia etc.


The above (known) insignia is all that represents these personnel.


During WWII The Yugoslav Partizans gained notariety and praise for their campaigns against the Nazi's. These Partizans gleaned their ideology from the Soviets and their military makeup reflected such i.e. with Political Officers.

The below highlights insignia owrn by such Partizan POLITRUKS.



This is apprently a Battalion Commissar post 1942. But not sure - need epxert advice here!

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