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The Royal Thai Armed Forces are heavily involved in PSYOPS actions both on Thailand's external borders in anti narco trafficking operations and internally in it's Southern States - where Muslim secessionist rebel are active in their struggle for an Islamic State, separate from Bhuddist Thailand. 


PSYOPS forms part of the overall military Directorate of CIVIL AFFAIRS.

Within the Supreme Command Structure, The Directorate of Joint Civil Affairs (J-5)

has numerous sub Divisions, namely:

  • General Affairs Division - GAD
  • Policy and Plans Division - PPD
  • Information Division - INFOD
  • Public Relations Division (PRD)
  • Psychological Operations Division - PSYOPD
  • Civil Affairs Division - CAD
  • Military Development Division - MDD
  • National PSYOPS Committee Secretariat Division - NPOCSD


PSYOPS plays an in important role in Thai Political and Civil Government structures. This is apparent in the Applied Psychology Institute, administered by the Supreme Command.



The Royal Thai Supreme Military Command Applied Psychology Institute Qualification insignia - metal/ enamel


The Applied Psychology Institute - API, is responsible for educating selected senior personnel from the 3 Armed Forces, from the Royal Thai Police, State Enterprises and prominent businesses in order to promote mutual understanding

amongst them, and to enhance their skills in social psychology, poliitcal warfare, psychological operations planning and public relations.  


The API serves as the bona fide Psychological Warfare School of the Supreme Command Headquarters, Thailand.



3rd PSYOPS Coy of the 2nd Special Forces Group

The PSYOP Battalion of the 2nd Special Forces Group 


Variations on the theme: THAI SF - PSYOPS Unit patches  Not sure ?????

 "Psychological Warfare Volunteer Class 1".

 "Directorate of Joint Civil Affairs" top

 "Psychological Warfare Officer Class 4"  bottom inscription measures 7cm x 5.5cm 

Directorate of Joint Civil Affairs

Royal Thai Marine Corps PSYOPS Unit insignia 93rd Psyops Coy . BN ?? Royal Thai Army PSYOPS left hand arm patch - worn on the new camouflage uniform 


Thai PSYOPS Radio - Own Forces and External


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