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SWA is now the nation of NAMIBIA.  South Africa annexed this protectorate after WWI, and used it extensively as a forward base for it's preventative strategies against communist aggression in Angola, and Southern Africa.

South Africa created the SWA Territory Force (SWATF), which was a local self defence force, heavily manned and equipped by the SADF.

SWATF followed the SADF organisational structure and thus had it's own PSYOPS / COMOPS units.

The SWATF Intelligence Corps provided COMOPS staff and these personnel interchanged between SADF and SWATF civic action projects as and when required. SWATF was heavily involved in civic action campaigns internally in SWA.  SADF Comops personnel joined SWATF too..........the SWATF was not seen as an Ally but an extra arm in the Bush War in SWA / Angola. 


The SWATF HQ Intelligence Corps (COMOPS) beret and insignia. The Intelligence Corps 'corps bar' placed below the Gensbok unit device denotes INTELLIGENCE / COMOPS functionality and mirrors the South African insignia tradition. The SWATF corps bar style utilises the diamond device - a mineral found in abindance in SWA / Nambia.



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