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ROMANIA   Operatii Psihologice





 Centrul de Operatii Psihologice









 Sectiei Operatii Psihologice din Directia Operatii a Statului Major General


Modern PSYOPS cloth

Romanian PSYOPS sections are an important part of the Romanian ISAF rotation.

Romanian PSYOPS Centre of the General Staff of Romanian Armed Forces.

Romanian PSYOPS Centre was established in 1969 as a result of the invasion of USSR in Czechoslovakia, in the spring of 1968, when the USSR spreaded leaflets printed in Romanian language in order to display the involvement of Romania in the respective conflict. The political decision makers realized at that time that beyond the need for the latest generation of military equipment, we weren’t ready to face the new type of war that was emerging: the information war and the psychological one. The first step in this direction was the establishment of one section able to conduct related activities in the field of psychological operations.


In 1971, the respective section became a military unit. Along the time, the new unit had different names, starting with „Technical Section for Special Propaganda”, then „Technical Centre for Special Propaganda”, that was focused strictly on media production: print, audio, video and it was less focused on the development and planning phases (those areas were being covered by the Superior Political Council of the Armed Forces).


After 1990, the Romanian PSYOPS Centre was significantly transformed and a section within the Operations Directorate / General Staff was established, which was responsible exclusively for information and psychological operations.

Colonel Sorin Cîrstea, Commander of Romanian PSYOPS Centre.  

Desert Patch shown as worn in AFGHANISTAN circa 2013



BDM version of the above patch circa 2013









 Romanian MOD Information and Public Relations Directorate



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