Operazioni psicologiche


Images and unit information correct as of February 2010.

The unit 28 Regiment 'Pavia' Operational Communication (PSYOPS) received authorisation for its new collar and head-dress insignia.

The insignia is as such




28° Reggimento di Comunicazione operativa “Pavia based in Pesaro - Images and unit info (relative to 2006 + onwards)

Within the Regiment PAVIA, 3 units exist - very similar to the German OPINFO structure ! The main unit is the Centro Sviluppo Operazioni Psicologiche (CSOP) with subordinate companies. 

The CSOP equates to a PSYOPS Development Center which has Programs, Analysis, Conception and Test & Evaluation Sections.  The 2nd unit is the Compagnia Comando e Supporto Logistico (CCSL) and the 3rd is the 1 Battalion PSYOPS. 1 PSYOPS BN consists of 3 Companies - Dissemination, TV/Radio and Print / Internet



The (proposed) cap badge

The (proposed) mostrine - coloured collar device

subdued cloth patch

28th Regiment Pavia 'Operational Communication''


The only dedicated Italian PSYOPS Bn.

Motto:  'Loqui, Suasi, Vici' = I spoke, I persuaded, I won

Heraldry: The use of the chess piece Knight is symbolic of the fact that the Knight can move assymmetrically. Assets deployed to Afghanistan, Kosovo and The Lebanon. It has reported to Drew recently (June 2007) that the Italian PSYOP BN will make up the main PSYOPS capability in The Lebanon 

Information received from the XO of the Italian Operational Communication Regiment in April 2009, is that the unit heraldry has been accepted - with minor changes. The unit motto has also changed: Dixi, Suasi, Vici

The new unit patch is:         

Heraldry is basically the same. It is not sure if the mostrine chess piece on the green / red devices will reflect the new style of knight.

information received in August 2009, is that the Italian High Command has accepted the mostrine and new cap badge - designs as above. It appears from recent photos on the Italian Army website that the cloth patch has changed dramatically from the above changes. We await further information.

28 Reggimento Pavia / 28° Reggimento di Comunicazione operativa “Pavia”



The first 'Mother Unit' cap badge and collar devices - 28th Infantry Regt of the Line Pavia

The proposed insignia cap badge and collar mostrine for the newly designated 28th Regt Operational Communication (PSYOPS) Pavia

The final authorised and accepted insignia as per Italian High Command July 2009 


Unit Pennant







DPM version 2008  ISAF Afghan version 2008  New digital camo version late 2011                                                                                               2018 new logo adopted for cloth patch - based on the beret badge



Battaglione di Supporto Psicologico Tattico "Montegrappa"


Created in 1957, this unit was the Italian PSYOPS unit up until ..........


I found the imagery for the Reparto Guerra Pscicologica - looks like a forerunner to the Reparto Supporto Psciologica