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The Propaganda Company





 Army Propganda Company cuff-title worn on the left forearm by personnel of Army units (companies) employed in war reporting, filming, and taking photographs.

Replacing the Propagandakompanie cuff title the Kriegsberichter des Heeres was utilized by Heer correspondents and photographers from 1941 till the end of the war.


Kriegsberichter der Luftwaffe: November 20, 1940.  Membership band to identify men of the Luftwaffe Propaganda units. Officers wore bands with silver borders.







Heer Side Cap with grey waffenfarbe


Heer Propaganda Coy Waffenfarbe collar tabs - Grey

     German Propaganda Troops: Waffenfarbe worn by Propaganda Troops and Officers was GREY!




The German Armed Forces (during WWII) was largely a professional service operating under extreme political governance by the NAZI Party. The WEHRMACHT came out of the war largely untainted. 

The ogre that was NAZISM and all the negative fallout that it brought has largely been associated with the heavily politicized SS and the atrocities associated with it.


Of interest within the Wehrmacht was the role of a unit charged with ensuring that the largely unpoliticized military leadership had in fact a uniform political indoctrination.

The unit: The Nationalsozialististicher Fuhurungstab des Heeres (National Socialist Guidance Staff of the Army) was subordinated to the General Armed Forces Office (OKW) within the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces - the OKW.


The OKW controlled all matters of inter-service policy and was resposnible for national defence in time of peace, and for the overall conduct of operations during war.

The AWA was the principal administrative agencies within the OKW and was established in December 1943. It can be likened to the role of the Political Commissar of

the Soviet Forces. It doesn't appear that this office nor it's had much love-loss within the Wehrmacht. It is not sure if the Guidance Officers or staff had equated power as

the POL Coms within the Soviet Forces, but it appears that the agency had close cooperation with the NAZI Party Chancellery. 


It is not known (as yet) if this National Socialist Guidance Staff of the Army had any distinguishing insignia or items of specialistion.It is highly likley though!



NSFO Nationalsozialistischer Führungsoffizier (National Socialist Guidance Officer)


NSFSt NS-Führungstab (National Socialist [Nazi] Guidance Staff) - A kind of Politoffizier, the “National Socialist guidance officer” (NSFO) 

The term National Socialist guidance officer (NSFO) designated a kind Politoffizier of the German  armed froces in WWII.

The National Socialist guidance officer was created by a Fuhrer instruction (Adolf Hitler) on 22 December1943.


The officers were instructed to bring the soldiers to closer to the armed forces by lectures and discussions the National Socialist world view. This had the purpose to strengthen the holding out will of the soldiers. The personnel by the offices for personnel of the armed forces from the officer corps were appointed. They had to be confirmed however by a work staff used by Parteikanzleichef Martin Boreman. The staff led by Wilhelm Roeder had to examine whether the men would be perfect in the National Socialist sense.

At the end of of 1944 gave it approximately 1100 full-time and 47000 NSFO in addition to the regular duties.



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