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By 1955 France had committed more than 400,000 troops to Algeria. Counterinsurgency operations resulted in a change in focus to pacification of the local population. The French Governor reestablished the Bureaux Arabes - which had been abolished in 1871, undere the new term and auspices of the French Military - the sections administrative specialisees -SAS. These specialized adminsitrative sections were charged on the one hand to pacify a sector and on the other hand to promote French Algeria. The SAS used civic action campaigns to educate, introduce social activites and provide medical assistance in a sector whilst gathering intelligence, conducting PSYOPS!


These SAS personnel were referred to as Kepi Bleus - Blue Caps resumed an important influence in local Alegerian admisntration through establishing links within the Muslim population and so weakening the nationalsit influence in rural areas by asserting a 'French presence' there. The SAS conducted pseudo operations and trained bands of irregular forces called Harkis - armed with shotguns and trained in guerilla warfare similar to the nationalist FLN guerillas, the harkis caused disruption and confusuion amonsgt nationalsit groups with the resuylt that in-fighting and confusion was the result...........classic counterinsurgency warfare tactics in practice. 



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