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The People's Republic of CHINA     



Red China has aggressively increased it's military spending and attention devoted to Psychological Warfare, Information Operations and Information Technology / Computerisation.  The military is modernising with uniform changes and unit affiliation and insignia appearing on official photo releases.  This is a dramatic move away from the dour uniform policy of the old guard. 


POLITICAL WARFARE remains a strong power broker within the military, and POLWAR officers are found in every unit.   No known Political Commissar identification insignia exists though. Chinese PLA Political Commissars are trained in an elaborate PLA Nanjing Political Institute, which has branches all over China.  A PSYOPS capability is under development, and has been brought to the fore in much of modern Chinese military doctrine and exercises.  

In July 2007, the PLA celebrated its 80th birthday and introduced fresh, modern new uniforms reflecting the countries increasingly overseas actions i.e. humanitarian.

The new uniforms show distinct movements towards unit patches, and the PLA has introduced for the first time ever - a dedicated military spokesperson unit.  


In 2017, the PLA underwent further political re-organisation: The General Political Department of the Chinese People's Liberation Army" was replaced by "the Central Military Commission Political Work Department."

The disappearance of the word "total" meant a new departmental authority and positioning changes with the PLA.



 Political Indoctrination in the field - Old style Chinese uniformed POLWAR Officer

Modern Chinese Political Officer

PLA General Political Department Dress Uniform Patch 2007 Series

PLA General Political Department  Service uniform Patch 2007 Series


Left: older 07 style replaced by 2017 style Right




Xian Politcal Academy logo

Nanjing Political College award pin - qualification / alumni 

Xian Political Academy breast badge - staff

Nanjing Political College breast badge - staff





"Excellent Military Political official Medal","

BeiJing Military Region,Political Department,command,2001"



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