Psychologische operaties

For many years, Belgium has contributed specialist personnel to various multinational PSYOPS formations - individual soldiers have served within German OPINFO units on deployment i.e. KOSOVO, MACEDONIA, and BOSNIA. 

In 2006 Belgium established a dedicated PSYOPS capability.  The unit or speciality is 'hidden' within an old established regimental unit - The 17 Recce - a cavalry unit.  Officially PSYOPS was added to 17 Recce in 2003, as was a CIMIC detachment.

A Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) department was added to the unit in 2003.

Recent information received, is that PSYOPS within the Belgian Army is now entrenched.   As of 19 October 2007, the 17 Recce unit no longer carries this name: The new name is the INFORMATION OPERATIONS GROUP (17 Recce) 

2008, the Belgian Information Operations Group (17 Recce) had a new heraldic designation authorised.



On 19 October 2007, the 17th Recce changed its name into the Information Operations Group (Info Ops Gp).

The reconstruction in 2010 gave the opportunity to elevate both of PSYOPS and CIMIC and February 2014 create a new cell called Human Factor Analysis (HFA) within the unit.


The Info Ops Gp had 3 main detachments:

- the PSYOPS Support Unit (PSU),

- the cell Human Factor Analysis (HFA) and

- the CIMIC support unit (SCU).


2015 In a transformation process within the Belgian Military, the INFORMATION OPERATIONS GROUP and other newer functions i.e. ISTAR adopted the Jaagers te Paard unit identity.

New functions thus have a traditional association with a unit that no longer can sustain its identity within a modern military structure. Mounted Rifles are a thing of the past, but equally have a great history and tradition and in a transformation ensure their continued service to Belgium.   Thus the 3rd Jaagers te Paard ( 3rd Mounted Rifles) beret badge, yellow beret backing and the black beret is the new head dress for the INFO OPS GROUP.





Ci-MEG Civil-Military Engagement Group

03 June 2019, The Information Operations Group renamed as the Ci-MEG.  

The Civil-Military Engagement Group supports operational forces in seizing the initiative within the information environment and human domain through culturally-focused persuasion and engagement, essential to mission success.” 





New July 2019 issued Ci-MEG patch  Ci-Meg unit vehicle logo 


Belgian Tactical Psyops Team - Afghanistan

Circa 2009 

AFGHANISTAN - Belgian Tactical PSYOPS Team

In 2012 pictures emerged of the small Belgian Tactical PSYOPS Team element part of the German Contingent at Kunduz.  Protected by the German Army, the TPT shows some interesting patches made - locally made and sourced.





rare cloth patch



17de Compagnie Recce 


19 Oct 2007 officially desiganted THE INFORMATIONS OPERATIOSN GROUP (17 Recce)










 Belgian Army Public Relations unit