Psychologische Operationen

Operativer Kommunikation (OpKomm) = PSYOPS



Operational Communication


Under 'operational communication (OpKomm)' Bundesheer means 'all planned communication measures with the goal of changing the behavior and the attitude of target groups. 


OpKomm is divided into the following elements:

  • Zielgruppenanalyse ( Task Group Analysis) 

    The target group analysis provides a detailed picture of the target groups. Exact information about religions, culture, history, social surrounding field and language of the respective user country is particularly important. Also expert's assessments from civilian ranges and of universities are caught up. A thorough target group analysis is the condition for the success of communication measures. Only soldiers, who are well about religion, culture, values and standards of another people informed, can win the population also for itself.

  • TV-/Video

    The television is in the employment uses the usually-used medium. After the principles of the advertisement Spots are produced and radiated over regional transmitters. TV-media are particularly suitable means, in order to inform a target group about a longer period efficiently. Pictures speak more than thousand words.

  • Group of duplications

    Layout and production of print products, like newspapers, handbills, handbills, folders and posters, by which the target group is addressed.









    The AUSTRIAN Bundesheer International Centre - AUTINT is the modern home of Austrian PSYOPS unit