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The Australian Army Intelligence Corps is the home of modern Australian Army PSYOPS.

1 Intelligence Battalion, headquartered in Sydney's Paddington Barracks with sub-units located

through-out Australia is the main unit that provides the PSYOPS function.


1 Int Bn was incepted in January 2000 and has participated in 16 overseas and domestic operations.

It's main mission is to deploy a broad range of intelligence specialisations including Field Human Intelligence,

PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS, Protective Security and Regional Human Intelligence.


PSYOPS is not new to the Australian military.  A dedicated PSYOPS unit was active in the Vietnam War:

The 1st Psychological Operations Unit served from 1970.           .


1st Psychological Operations Unit - Vietnam War 

1 INTELLIGENCE BN - home of the modern Aussie PSYOPS capability

1 INT BN Slouch Hat Puggaree Patch


The objective of Australian PSYOPS is to convey information to audiences in an effort to influence their emotions, motives,

objective reasoning and ultimately the behaviour of organisational groups and individuals, by using the primary tools of sight and sound.

Aussie PSYOPS Teams incorporate Royal Australian Engineers Illustrator Reprographic Sappers (Multi Media Technicians or MMTs) who design

the posters, pamphlets, leaflets and instruction cards, such as gun amnesty posters, how to surrender leaflets etc. Aside from Print Media, Aussie

PSYOPS also broadcasts their messages using loudspeakers, which can be man-pack or vehicle mounted.

The BN Motto: 'Periculum aliis arceate' means 'keeping others from danger' underpins the battalion's ethos and commitment to it's ultimate goal of

providing both operational and domestic security. 



Aussie troops have been used extensively in these two theatres of operations and PSYOPS personnel utilised.  A plethora of unofficial / 'dealer delights' have flooded the market in 2007/2008 in both these theatres.  Taylor's and dealers are making up designs and offering these patches to soldiers for purchase - using their initiative and designs offered by soldiers for potential purchase.  Market stalls are set up weekly inside the camps and soldiers offered these items.  The two items below are examples of such items....non Army endorsed items and patches that were neither unofficial nor potentially worn! The number of PSYOPS personnel in theatre would not necessitate a run of such items greater than 10 ! These perhaps the items that just don't sell, and naturally find their way on to ebay.


Overland Battle Group West PSYOPS Iraq




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